Sunday, March 23, 2008

Working with Daddy

As part of Lisa's birthday present, I decided to build her some pantry shelves in one of our long kitchen cupboards. I told her I would do this two year ago, but that's not what this blog is about..... Kellon saw me working and he had to take part. He immediately went and got his drill from his toy tool set, and started to "help" me with the building. He was really into it. He would hand me tools I needed and such - what a team! I think he enjoyed the thought of building them for Mommy. We don't have a picture of this, but to "test" the bottom shelf I put Kellon up on the shelf in the cupboard and he thought that was really funny. After all was said and done, however, I think he was slightly disappointed to see that his favorite hiding spot was now filled with canned goods and hardwood. He's a great helper, and I'm sure he'll be helping Daddy for many years to come!

What a great helper!

Easter Egg Hunt

Happy Easter! The Lincoln's had a very relaxing Easter Sunday. We went to church and then went to Guy's Diner for lunch. This picture is Kellon's outfit for Easter. He enjoyed wearing it. After his nap we hid a bunch of Easter eggs with jelly beans and stickers in them. He really got a kick out of looking for them and we enjoyed "hiding" plain sight!

Enjoy the short video clip. Just click on it and listen to Kellon's funny exclamation of "oh my goodness!"

Christmas 2007

Well, it's March and we're just getting around to posting some pictures from our family Christmas. This was the first Christmas that Kellon could really get involved with what was going on and he sure did! He had such a great time opening gifts, and between his birthday in November and Christmas, he really got the hang of ripping off that wrapping paper. We had a great Christmas at home on Christmas morning. We prayed before we went downstairs to try and teach Kellon that Christmas was about more than gifts and lights. Kellon received loads of gifts. Enjoy the pictures!

He was quite excited to see the tree in the morning!

Ripping into gifts!

Opening gifts with Mommy and Daddy.

Exhausted from opening all those gifts...time to watch Veggie Tales!