Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The Tulip Festival and Ottawa Trip

Each year, Ottawa holds the "Tulip Festival." Lisa, Kellon and I went up for a Saturday to enjoy the tulips and have a fun day. Lisa's sister, Melanie, and her husband Chad, were arriving later that evening in Ottawa so we decided to make a day of it. This first picture is relatively early on in the day. The tulips were really amazing and we enjoyed our walk through the sprawling display. The weather dudes forecasted some rain but we didn't receive any until later that afternoon. Kellon really enjoyed being on our "trip" and he had a great time with Aunt Cheryl, who spent most of the day with us. After seeing the festival, we picked up Cheryl, got a sausage from the famous sausage vendor across from the Parliament buildings and visited Andrew Hayden Park, flew a kite, and then visited the Museum of Nature. The rest of the pics show you a bit of the fun we had that day. Best of all, we picked up Mel and Chad at the airport later that evening. Fun day...

Kellon having fun on the sidewalk. This picture just looks cool to me.

Posing for the Camera!

On the slide with Aunt Cheryl (the headless lady...) at Andrew Hayden park. The park was Cheryl's idea and he really loved it. He love that slide. He must have gone up and down that thing dozens of times before we had to peel him away. We bought him a kite and that finally got him interested in something else!

At the museum of nature...showing the T-Rex who's boss....

After the Museum of Nature, we went to Wakefield, Quebec. It's a really cool town outside of Ottawa only 15 minutes or so. Lisa and I have been her before and we remembered this really cool covered bridge. So we stopped by. Kellon got to throw rocks into the water with some strangers...he loved it. Here's Kellon and I going for a stroll in this cool bridge.

I just love this picture...

All of us on our special day...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! Today was a great day. We went to church in the morning, then Kellon and I took Lisa out to lunch. After lunch, we came home and Kellon had some time in the swing. We also took some pictures. But, we missed the window for Kellon's nap, so Kellon stayed up and mowed the lawn with Dad.

We wish a very happy Mother's Day to all the Moms in our lives. Hope you had a special day!

(Lisa at 26 weeks!)

Kellon, Mommy, and the little girl...

Kellon LOVES his swing!