Sunday, September 27, 2009

Cottage Days

Here's some photos of our fun at "The Cottage." It's the place we've gone to for years with Lisa's extended family. Its a big lodge and there is about 50 people on the grounds for the week. We had a wonderful time!

Here Chris and Kellon are singing a song for Lisa's Grandmother, "Great Oma" (Dutch for Grandma)

Kellon and Allie hanging out with their cousin Jacob. He is so much fun!

The beautiful setting!

The growing Brink clan!

Allie's First Birthday

We were at the cottage in Bancroft, Ontario for Allie's birthday, so we did a special dinner with family outside. You can see the sand and tents in the background!

YUM! Allie's first taste of cake!


Allie got to have a second party when Chris' side of the family could all get together on Labor Day! So more cake, more attention, and more presents!

Happy 1st Birthday, gorgeous Allie Grace! You are such a blessing to our family!