Sunday, December 7, 2008


Kellon said a few things over the last couple days that has wowed me, so I thought I would share them with you...

On Thursday night, I had my Winter Choral Concert at the high school. Kellon was excellent through the whole thing and Lisa - who braved into the concert with 2 kids by herself! - brought the little to my room after the concert was done. Everyone had left and it was just us in the room. Kellon walks toward me and says: "Good job teaching the kids Daddy." I looked at Lisa and the look on her face told me that she had not prompted him to say this. A few moments later we were walking hand-in-hand through the auditorium after shutting things off. As we walked he looked up at me and said "Good job on your concert Daddy." I was floored. These were completely unsolicited and unprompted comments that he was coming up with! All I could do is say "Thank You", give him a big hug, and try to gather my jaw from the ground. Now, he is our first child...but is that normal for a 3yr. old to say such things?

On a funnier note, I was shaving on Saturday and Kellon wanted to watch. He was watching everything. After, I put all the shaving cream on, I looked over at Kellon. He declares: " look like Jesus."

Kellonisms...funny, enlightening, and down right cute.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kellon's "Lightning McQueen" Cake

Lisa made a super-cool "Lightning McQueen" (from the Disney movie "Cars") cake. Here's a video of Kellon discovering that it is a cake of "Lightning McQueen." (just click to play.)

Kellon's Birthday Party

On November 15th, we had a whirlwind day of birthday parties! Several of Kellon's friends arrived at 10am for a birthday bash. Later on that day, all the family came over for a party and the big unveiling of the new drumset. Here are a bunch of pictures from the day! (You can let the slide show play on its own or you can move through the pictures with the arrow keys at your own pace. Enjoy!)

Happy Birthday Kellon! We Love You!

Kellons New Drumset

Kellon's grandparents bought Kellon a new drumset for his birthday. As you might have noticed from previous blog entries, Kellon has taken an interest in the drums since he received his first starter set over a year ago. We thought it might be time to upgrade to an official "real" drumset that is built for youngsters. This is a great little kit. He plays it daily and he can almost reach the kick drum pedal!

Special "Thank You" to the grandparents: Grandma Carol and Rich, Papa Dean and Ruth, Grandma Cindy and John, and Opa and Oma. Kellon will enjoy this drumset for many years to come.

Here's a video of the "unveiling" of his birthday present. I kept Kellon in the living room while everyone waited in the office, and, what happens! (click picture to play video file)

Happy Birthday Kellon! We all love you!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Halloween and the "Western-ers"...

Lisa's brother (Jay) and sister-in-law (Shannon) were in town for a visit before leaving on their trip to Africa! They will be living and working in the country of Burkina Faso for 6 months. She is a nurse and he is an IT professional and they will be working with a hospital and other agencies. We're all proud of them and we are keeping them in our prayers. This is a great picture of them with Kellon and Allie.

Here's Jay and Shannon with Allie...

For Halloween, Kellon dressed up like a fireman. There was a very cool party down at the DOC for little kids. He had a blast going from game to game and snagging lots of candy along the way!

Here Kellon is standing inside a HUGE bubble! With the right amount of dishsoap and a hula-hoop, you too can have your very own life-size bubble!

What an arm! Special thanks to Heather Ramsdell and all who put this party was a great night!

I just had to add at least one picture of our little girl!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awesome Autumn

It's been a while since we've updated our blog, and this is just the first of several entries we need to make. We've had a lot of exciting things happening lately, but we didn't want to leave out some cool events from the fall. So, here are some pictures from some events...

Here we are at the top of Mt. Azure. We took a hike with Lisa's family in late September and we had a great time! It was a bit of a task with two kids...I carried Kellon in a back carrier up and down and Lisa carried Allie both ways. Interesting!

Hey...when ya gotta go, ya gotta go!

Great picture of John Brink. Great man and a great father...

Of course, we had a lot of leaves from our big trees, and Kellon loved playing in them!

A little picture time before the real work of hauling the leaves to the back "40"....yuck!

If you know Kellon, you're probably laughing right now...his shirt says "Save Water, Drink Juice"!...

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Visit From the Soldiers

Today we had a great visit from my brother and his wife who are home from Iraq for a short two week leave. Jay and Amy arrived on US soil sometime around labor day (no, I don't think it's "classified" I just can't remember) and they'll be in town for just a couple more days.

Today we had a little party for them and it was a lot of fun. Quite a few friends and family from Massena came over to see them and wish them well.

Here are some pictures from the great party...

Sergeant First Class Jason Lehman and his lovely wife Sergeant Amy Lehman with Allie Grace Lincoln. They are currently deployed to Iraq with the US Army. Amy's a natural....

Allie Grace with her Aunt Jennifer.

Kellon and Robbie in their very brief moments of rest. They watched about 15 minutes of "Bob the Builder" and the rest of the time was spent screaming, running, and other general boy behavior. Like....

Driving the Gator that Grandma Cindy and John brought! They had a blast in that thing...

They had only a few mishaps with running into a few things....

The ladies "chatted"...and Kellon and Robby....

Did what boys do!

They jumped...

And screamed....

And had a blast! It was a great day to see some great people. We didn't get any pictures of the 20 or so folks at our house today, but it was a great time.

"Uncle" Jay and "Aunt" Amy: we love you guys and we wish you a safe and secure finish to your deployment. Regardless of your actual job descriptions (I don't even know what they are), you are still putting yourselves in harms way for our country. We're grateful to you both and look forward to your safe return. Love you both and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Sleeping Child's such a special thing. We don't have a routine with Allie yet...she sleeps whenever she wants, and often! With Kellon, we have a fairly regular routine that includes running from the bathroom "all the way to his bed" after brushing his teeth, a story (often repeated...), prayer, and brief time of back-rubbing. Each night, I can't go to sleep until I check on him and touch his head. There's just something about a sleeping child!

Thought you might enjoy a few of these pics...

Allie enjoying some "siesta"...

This picture was taken in the pitch black with the flash. Kellon never even moved...He's cuddling with "Puppy" - his favorite.

Another picture taken in the dark. She didn't move either! She's not actually sucking her thumb...

Brother and Sister

It has been so amazing to see Kellon and Allie together. We tried our best to prepare Kellon for a baby sister and it seems like he is adapting so well. He is already looking out for her and very concerned if she ever cries or even whimpers. He loves to cuddle with Allie and "give her squeezes" which is a term that we've long used with him. To watch him kiss her is a special thing - he's so gentle and something so very "big brotherish" about it. It's going to be fun to watch them as they both grow! Here are some more pictures....

Kellon loves to get close to Allie...

Kellon is so kind and compassionate towards Allie...He's even sharing! Here he's telling Allie that he wants her to have his new favorite car! (It's "Doc" from the movie "Cars".)

I think Allie really enjoyed the car...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Kellon's 2nd Memory Verse!

Here's Kellon sharing his 2nd memory verse...his parents like this one!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Allie Grace Lincoln - She's HERE!

We're proud to announce the birth of our beautiful daughter - Allie Grace. She was born at 2:33am on Saturday, August 16th. She weighed in at 6lbs 8oz and was 19in long. Lisa did a fantastic job of birthing this little girl - even going "au naturale" and not taking any pain medication or epidural.

Mommy and baby are doing great. Enjoy these early pictures. We'll upload more over the next several days...

Lisa and Allie Grace, just moments after she was born...

Two beautiful ladies...

Kellon meeting his little sister for the first time...he's SO good with her.

Mommy with her little girl...

Kellon holding Allie's so cool to see how gentle and aware he is with her already.

Kellon giving kisses to Allie Grace.

Kellon with Allie Grace...I love this picture.

Allie's first visitors - Dale, Susie, and Danny.

Danny jumped right in...he's a natural.

Grandma Cindy and John stopped by for a visit...

Lisa's parents (Opa and Oma) stopped by with Cheryl, Ryan, Kevin, and Karen.

Mom and baby are doing really great. We're hoping that they'll both be able to come home by Monday morning. We're still waiting for visits from Grandma Carol, Grandpa Dean, Uncle JD, and a host of other family members and friends.

Lisa and I are very excited that Allie Grace is so healthy and strong! More pictures and posts to come...

Friday, July 18, 2008

Kellon's first memory verse

We are pretty proud of Kellon's first Bible memory verse! (Genesis 1:1)

Lehmans Visit

Matt, Tasha and the boys came for a great visit in the middle of June. We thought we would post some pictures from that visit. Kellon had a great time having his cousins here. He really looks up to Chandler and Chase. They stayed with us for about a week and it seemed so short. We're really looking forward to their return to the northeast - hopefully in just a few months!

So we decided to post some pictures and make some comments...This first picture is of the boys getting cozy on the couch and watching some TV.

Here the boys are having too much fun on the gator at Grandma Cindy's. I can't help but comment on this one: Charlie is driving and definitely looking for the next thing to run into; Kellon is the passenger and he's trying to determine if he should get off now; and Chase is giving Charlie an earful on how to drive. What a great picture!

Here's Kellon teaching Charlie how to rock out.

More jammin'.

The boys loved to ride in the trailer behind the tractor...Lots of fun.

Notice who's driving this time! It was so funny, Chandler could barely reach the pedals, he had to almost lie down to drive it. BUT, he also had to keep pressure on the seat to keep the safety trigger from stalling the machine. It was probably harder for him to drive it than anyone....a lot of skill to be able to pull that off!

Chandler must be a nice big brother because his younger siblings aren't worried at all that he's at the wheel!

I think this picture says a lot about these boys. Chase is relaxing but he's VERY aware of everything going on around him. Kellon is attached to his ball and sitting forward - because he hardly every relaxes. Chandler is being his goofy self....and Charlie....well, he's a cautious happy.

WHAT A GREAT VISIT from the Lehmans! We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and the only bad thing was that they only stayed for one week. If you notice, there are no pictures of the adults: we were too busy having fun watching the kids!

We love you Matt, Tasha, Chase, Chandler, and Charlie. We're praying the God directs every step of this next season and that your transition back to the northeast will be smooth and quick!