Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Kellon Drumming

At my high school choral concert this past December, Lisa and Kellon came dressed up and enjoyed the evening. We bought Kellon his tuxedo after his Aunt Melanie asked him to be a ring bearer in her wedding this past August. He still (barely!) fit into it. Before the concert, Kellon encouraged all the students with a virbrant "Good Luck!" which drew much praise. During the concert, Lisa had to remind him that he was an audience member, not a performer because he kept joining in with the choral songs. After the concert, we brought Kellon up to the stage and let him play the drumset. He had a fabulous time, and as you can tell in the video, there is no lack of enthusiasm! He talked about this for weeks. Everytime we drove up to the school he's say: "I wanna go concert, play drums!"

He seems to enjoy the stage quite a bit. The other day, Lisa and Kellon stopped into the school. I took Kellon out the stage because I had to check and make sure all the lights were off. Before I dimmed the lights, Kellon walked downstage center, right in front of the "audience" (the room was empty at the time), stood upright, held out his hand, and belted out the theme song to "Veggie Tales." Lisa and I just stood there with our mouths open...we couldn't believe what we were seeing! We never taught him to do this.

Christmas with Grandma Cindy

On Friday, Dec. 21st, we traveled to Grandma Cindy's house for a Christmas get-together. It was a lot of fun. Kellon had a great time opening gifts and he and Robbie enjoyed wrestling by the Christmas tree. Jay and Amy were here as well and it was great for Kellon to be able to see them. As you can tell by the pictures, Kellon was the recipient of many gifts, and he enjoyed playing with every one of them! His "big" gifts were a Tonka truck from Grandma Cindy, and a "laptop" from Uncle Jim and Aunt Jennifer.