Sunday, September 30, 2007

What We Did This Summer

This past summer we took several family vacations - it sure is great to be a teacher! In early July, we went with Lisa's parents to our favorite camping spot: Charleston Lake. We were only there for four days, but we had a blast. Then in August we spent a week at a cottage in Bancroft, Ontario, as is the tradition among Lisa's extended family. Kellon had a great time at both vacations, but he really loved the cottage. There were lots of relatives to play with him and he and Jasper became really good friends. This picture to the left is him running down to the private beach, which he did whenever he got the chance. The cottage also had a swingset / playground area, complete with a very large sandbox. He loved the swing! We had a great time and we're looking forward to next year.

Kellon at Melanie's Wedding

What a gorgeous little boy...well, at least his Mom and Dad think so! This picture was taken by his Aunt Cheryl after his Aunt Melanie's wedding. He was the ring bearer in the wedding and he did a great job. Lisa walked him down the aisle when she walked in (she was the Matron of Honor). He did a great job and even stayed in the room for the whole ceremony. Everyone was commenting on how cool he looked, which I don't think he minded one bit.

It's hard to believe that he'll be 2 years old in just six weeks. We're so blessed by Kellon everyday. He's learning new words all the time. This morning Kellon was in bed with us, and he and I had a conversation about going to church and playing the drums. It's amazing to us how much he's talking and understanding.

Yesterday, Kellon was at his Oma and Opa's house (Lisa's parents) and ended up pulling a microwave cart over onto himself. It was quite traumatic apparently and he has quite a bruise on his lower front gums. I'm just glad he didn't knock out his two front bottom teeth. So, today he's a bit grumpy and is having some trouble chewing. Boys will be boys!

New Computer = Leap into 21st Century

Well, we've finally done it. The Lincoln's went out and purchased a brand-spanking new computer! We figured it was about time to make the leap into the new millennium, so we went to the mecca - aka Wal-Mart - and made the largest of our collective Wal-Mart purchases. It was actually funny in a way of sorts how it happened. Lisa and I had been discussing purchasing a new computer for a long time, but they cost money! So, we had been trying to nurse my very old machine as long as we could. When I say very old machine, I mean, a 1999 P2, 433mhz with a whopping 256M of RAM. The best part: Window98 ORIGINAL edition!

So, we found one at Wal-Mart for a really great price, discussed it, and purchased it, all within 30 minutes. If anyone is interested in specs, you can follow this link and click on "Specifications." Overall a great purchase....and I might be getting used to Vista!