Friday, July 18, 2008

Kellon's first memory verse

We are pretty proud of Kellon's first Bible memory verse! (Genesis 1:1)

Lehmans Visit

Matt, Tasha and the boys came for a great visit in the middle of June. We thought we would post some pictures from that visit. Kellon had a great time having his cousins here. He really looks up to Chandler and Chase. They stayed with us for about a week and it seemed so short. We're really looking forward to their return to the northeast - hopefully in just a few months!

So we decided to post some pictures and make some comments...This first picture is of the boys getting cozy on the couch and watching some TV.

Here the boys are having too much fun on the gator at Grandma Cindy's. I can't help but comment on this one: Charlie is driving and definitely looking for the next thing to run into; Kellon is the passenger and he's trying to determine if he should get off now; and Chase is giving Charlie an earful on how to drive. What a great picture!

Here's Kellon teaching Charlie how to rock out.

More jammin'.

The boys loved to ride in the trailer behind the tractor...Lots of fun.

Notice who's driving this time! It was so funny, Chandler could barely reach the pedals, he had to almost lie down to drive it. BUT, he also had to keep pressure on the seat to keep the safety trigger from stalling the machine. It was probably harder for him to drive it than anyone....a lot of skill to be able to pull that off!

Chandler must be a nice big brother because his younger siblings aren't worried at all that he's at the wheel!

I think this picture says a lot about these boys. Chase is relaxing but he's VERY aware of everything going on around him. Kellon is attached to his ball and sitting forward - because he hardly every relaxes. Chandler is being his goofy self....and Charlie....well, he's a cautious happy.

WHAT A GREAT VISIT from the Lehmans! We thoroughly enjoyed having them here and the only bad thing was that they only stayed for one week. If you notice, there are no pictures of the adults: we were too busy having fun watching the kids!

We love you Matt, Tasha, Chase, Chandler, and Charlie. We're praying the God directs every step of this next season and that your transition back to the northeast will be smooth and quick!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kellon Drumming - June 2008

We shot these videos after my concert this spring. Kellon really wanted to go up and play the drums. Nearly everyone had gone and we let him sit down and play. He's just wearing a t-shirt because it was incredibly hot and sweaty in the auditorium that evening.

If you really listen to his playing, you can hear two beats: a "hip-hop" beat and a straight beat. Click on the picture to play the video. Enjoy!

Hope you enjoyed the videos!